About Us

About Us

True Nemesis was created to be the complete combat sports training solution.

It needed you to move your feet, train defensively and think. True Nemesis is a tool for your brain as much as it is for your body.  

Our aim is to help all combat athletes to perfect their craft, with high quality products that last. 



Once we get 100x pre-orders we will begin procuring parts necessary to manufacture the kits. Aim is to have 100x Full System made in under 12 weeks from reaching the 100x pre-sales.

It could take 6 weeks or 6 months for to reach 100x. Don't pre-order if this wait will be an issue.

In order to compensate this muck around, all of the 100x first orders will be discounted and will receive Gold TN Phoenix Club membership

Benefits include Lifetime discounts, limited edition merch, extra support and heaps cool shit. 



- TN started in Melbourne around 2016

- We built our first TN Sliding Frame in our spare bedroom 11 stories up.  

-TN had a soft launch end of 2020, luckily it was a lead balloon as we shut it down, the Covid kicked off.. 

- At the start of Covid we moved across county to Perth, laid low and improving and iterating the design. 

-  Went through 5x revisions of TN Sliding frame and over a dozen of the of the TN Mount. We were very fortunate to have much insane world class talent come around to test prototypes was brilliant. 

- The result of hardcore testing was a complete re-designed of the centrepiece. We went from a 6mm steel pin, to custom CNC machined nuts and weld in adaptor in arms.. which unfortunately has bumped the cost of production up. 

- The products are constantly getting re-fined (you might notice many little changes amongst the photos) but we highly satisfied in the stage we are at that we are ready to launch.