About Us

About Us

True Nemesis was formed from an idea of what the ultimate training kit should be.

It needed you to move your feet, train defensively and think. None of the novelty training aids on the market today can do this.  TrueNemesis is a tool for your brain as much as it is for your body.  

Our aim is to help all combat athletes to perfect their craft with gear that lasts.  



-  Once we get 100x pre-orders we will begin procuring parts necessary to manufacture the kits. Aiming to have 100x Full System made in under 12 weeks from reaching that 100x.   It could take 6 weeks or 6 months for to reach 100x. Don't pre-order if this wait will be an issue.  

- In order to compensate this  muck around, all 100x of the first orders will receive Gold TN Phoenix Club membership. Lifetime discounts, support and cool shit. 



- Idea started in Melbourne around 2016

- Built our first TN Sliding frame in our spare bedroom 11 stories up, was proof of concept of sorts. Was suss af carrying all that steel pipe up elevators - shout out to our laid back neighbours. 

- Had a soft launch end of 2020, luckily it was a lead balloon - we have improved design so much in that time. Moved across country to Perth just in time to get locked down with Covid. 

-  Went through 5x revisions of TN Sliding frame and around 7x of TN Mount in 21/22.. Had these MMA killers ( Big up Attic Sports) put a beating on the mount and found weakness in design of Centerpiece end of 21. 

- Re-designed centerpiece all of 2022. This blew the cost out something shocking. Went from a 6mm steel pin, to  CNC machined nuts and weld in adaptor in arms.

- Further tested the end of 22 -  time to send it.