TN Full Kit : Classic - True Nemesis

TN Full Kit : Classic

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1x TN Classic bag - 1500x400 heavy bag, 900 GSM PU leather, black 

1x Hanging disc - 380mm Aluminium machined, 

1x TN  Centrepiece - CNC machined 7076 Aluminum, roller and taper bearings rated up to 37 kn.

1x TN Classic duck bar - 316 stainless steel tube, 30mm custom padded foam (simulates 26in reach), included machined and anodised 7076 lock nut

1x TN Classic Hit Bar - 316 stainless steel tube,30mm custom padded foam, included machined and anodised 7076 lock nut

1x Mount Shackle - 10mm stainless steel.

Hanging chain - 500mm x 10mm.